Your Giving Ministry LLC is a Christian community marketplace with a two-fold purpose:


1. Giving to Ministries:

This is a place where you can give money to {local} ministries where it is needed most to do the most good. Examples would be 'feeding the hungry, homeless, addictive treatment, missionaries, women's counseling, etc.


Giving where it is needed most to do the most good. Connecting you with the front-line workers in your community or state and the ministries that have been called with a passion to serve others and honor God in their calling. We pray for both those who can give and those who can go.

You can be one of their financial resources that directly enables them to affect change in the lives of those in the most need. 100% of your giving goes directly to their ministry through their own website link. We provide the link to them. 


We invite you to get to know them and hear their stories—the stories of those that have put themselves on the front line. You may give to the passion of your choosing, a choice that we believe will be prayerfully guided by God.

1. Giving to Christian Businesses/Social Services:

This is a place where we provide you with access to Christian resources, information or connection to Christian businesses—of goods, services and one another.

We provide information or connections to community and social services. 


Giving to one another encouragement, community, unity and connection. 


"Love one another as I have loved you..." -John 3:34


Building and strengthening the church body outside of the church building where people live and work. 

You may ask, "What can I do?" Whether you are giving to a ministry or a cause, selling or shopping, you are a part of the connecting body. Come alongside one another and give. 

100% of your giving goes directly to their ministry...
We invite you to get to know them and hear their stories...
We are a non-political, non-controversial, family friendly entity that holds to a
biblical worldview.
Shop with a Purpose. By shopping through this site you help us give ministries, missionaries and churches a further reach.