Goal 2021: 1,200,000 (plus) soul engagement. Help us get there.
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You can contribute to Your Giving Ministry (in several ways) to help with the building this community. Also help us cover some of the nominal ad fees for those less able.

1. Buy shopping through this site helps with cost.

2.Place an ad.

3. Contribute: Simply click on the button and make a secure contribution of any amount. You may also send a contribution by mail. PO Box 101 New Philadelphia OH 44663. 

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Impact the body of Christ by strengthening its unity throughout the USA.
How can I support and who can I give to?
February 16, 2021 Update

This Ministry was started to help give Missionaries and Ministries a vehicle to raise funds and prayers for their frontline call from the Lord. When you give to a ministry, missionary or church, 100% goes directly to them through their Church or website link. In addition Churches can have a broader audience. Christian businesses can have a further reach. We are uniting the church coast to coast, not just in church but where we live, work and socialize. I'd say its working. A person from one country gave to a missionary from another country to go to another country to minister (awesome!)

To date we have reached 19 Countries, 48 states, 400 cities in our advertising for them (which has been free for ministries, missionaries and churches).  In addition we  would like to cover all start-up fees and current expenses to keep this Christian Community Marketplace giving and growing. As the Lord leads us and you.


Unite-Give-Connect-Grow-Impact-Share with A Friend

Our goal for 2021 is to reach 1,200,000 plus individuals directly, to impact & engage this community as as we continue giving & growing.

Give to a Church, ministry or missionary.

It's simple. Go to to category page, pick out church, ministry or missionary. Read a little about them, hear their story and then click on their link to give 100% directly to them on their site. 

Buy Something.

It’s simple, buy from a Christian store, business, or services. Support their business and help them grow. Click on the category page and read about them—hear their story and go directly to their site to shop.