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We have reached 35 countries, 50 states, DC and over 600 cities in the USA.



1. FREE! There is no charge or fees for Churches, Ministries or Missionaries using a logo/link on this site. If a larger ad is requested there may be a cost.

2 A. Website Ad.  Purchased  Ads on this website for businesses, independents, authors etc. are generally $5 per month (minimum 4 month period) .

B. This Ad is a single sided business card linked to your website.

C. Additional Ad options may be available on Your Giving Ministry website upon request.

D.  Advertisers on the website have the advantage of traffic driven to website site trough many email blasts. Our target this year is to send out 2,000,000 plus emails.

3. Plant A Seed Ad: Help us Grow & Give.

A. This is a single sided business card size and the quantity of words are limited to that size space.

b. This is not tax deductible.

C. This Ad can be paid through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account). Go to Contribute Button on the "Support" page

D. While you may contribute any amount. For this Plant A Seed ad the cost is $100. USD or more. (per 6 month period, this is on the website only).

E. Please fill out application and include the words you  would have on The "Plant Seed Ad" in the description line. F.We will review for approval.

Thank you for PLANTING A SEED and helping others!


4. Email Blast Ads:  Are available at a much lower cost than the industry standard.

B. Please contact us for a quote. Direct email blasts in groups of 50,000, 80,000 to 100,000 and more.

C. Other quantities maybe available check in with us.

5. Other. Let us create advertising for your budget.


 To be part of a 50,000 plus email blast fill out application on this page and submit picture of your business card via email. contactus@yourgivingministry.com 

Note: Space is limited for this ad. This is a single sided business card Ad. Inquire about this Ad as well as others.

6. Corporate accounts: Advertise and help others at the same time. Banner Ads availible aswell as email blast of several 100,000 to 1,000,000. Contact: Matt McCloskey for details. Matt.m@yourgivingministry.com


Our goal for 2021 is to send out 2,000,000 plus emails through several email blasts.

 7. Subscribers receive advertising specials periodically.  So subscribe and save. SUBCRIBE

Simply fill out the application form and submit it to us. After we review the form we will contact you regarding the ad.

info: contact@yourgivingministry.com 

Standards for advertising with us...

As Your Giving Ministry LLC is a non-political, non-controversial, family-friendly organization with a biblical world view we hold this to be true on our website community yourgivingministry.com as well. 

We value integrity in all that  we do and will be consistent in biblical principles.  we have accepted Jesus Christ as ourLord and Savior. We believe there is one God, eternally existent in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit . We will uphold the standards of yourgivingministry.com as a non-political, non-controversial, family-friendly site with a  Christian Values in all our engagements on this site or with Your Giving Ministry LLC.

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June Special: 10,000 emails $120.
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