Imagine, a Christian integrated Marketplace!  
We are a non-political, non-controversial, family friendly entity that holds to a
biblical worldview.
Every business is a ministry and every ministry has a business...
"Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain..."  PSALM 127:1
 Help us spread the Word. 
(not just in Church, but in Life)
Shop with a Purpose. By shopping through this site you help us give ministries, missionaries and churches a further reach.
When your give to a ministry, missionary or church, 100% of that giving goes directly to them through their own website link...


After 40 years of diverse experience in business and ministry, I was encouraged by the Holy Spirit to start a business that was also a ministry. 

Let me explain: In my experience as a small business owner, pastor, missionary, non-profit director, salesman, etc. I have found that a struggle lies in under-funding, lack of support and connectivity. With that in mind and heart, I pray that this business/ministry helps to encourage you, All in the while lifting your spirit, your business, sales, funding, profits and most importantly your connection to God and the body of Christ. We are called to build one another up and to honor God in all that we do. 

In business we must look beyond  logistics, dollars, profits and losses—to the impact, the effect and the people. Then we will know where our true dividends lie.

In ministry the reality is there is a business side, logistics, cash flow and expense, only to name a few.  But ultimately In both, in business or ministry following applies:

"Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain." Psalm 127:1


                         Help us spread the Word.

(not just in Church, but in Life where we live, work and socialize)


The state of our current world renders it impossible to conduct business as usual. The human component can no longer be ignored. We must bind together in community with one another. This is a vehicle for that.

Giving where it is needed most to do the most good. 


Connecting you with the front-line workers and ministries in your community, state or a crossed the nation. The ministries that have been called with a passion to serve others and honor God in their calling. We pray for both those who can give and those who can go.

You can be one of their financial resources that directly enables them to affect change in the lives of those in the most need. 100% of your giving goes directly to their ministry through their own website link. We provide the link to them. 


We invite you to get to know them and hear their stories—the stories of those that have put themselves on the front line. You may give to the passion of your choosing, a choice that we believe will be prayerfully guided by God.